Let Everyone Mine Bitcoin!

Core Advantages Of Oil-Cooled Products

Mining machine overclocking to mine bitcoin + heating + warm water + heat storage.

Our Clients Say

We are very fortunate to have formed excellent partnerships with many of our clients. And we’ve formed more than just working relationships with them; we have formed true friendships. Here’s what they’re saying about us.

Rent to the guests, the customers always open the window open heating, the swimming pool is 24 hours constant temperature, the monthly electricity is a large expense, but now with GONBOX, anyway, the electricity has been dug into bitcoin, as for the tenants 24 hours open the heating and open the window I also feel distressed for the electricity bill.

Annie / I am a AIRBNB rental owner

The public area of the restaurant heating,No matter how many or how few guests you have, you should open it, It wastes electricity when opening, and there is no sense of experience when not opening, with GONBOX, I can always heating. In addition, you have to use a lot of hot water to wash the dishes, now don’t worry, anyway, the electricity bill is already dug into bitcoin, free hot water, it is good.

IVY / I am the restaurant owner

Since I got to the gonbox, I found it very interesting. I have heating every day at home. I don’t care about gas and electricity bills any more. I can get BTC, which I haven’t heard of before. Now I’m more and more interested in it. I will also recommend other friends around me.

Klinge / I am a family owner

A friend recommended that there was a magic box that could provide heat. After buying several and putting them in the store, the store was no longer cold. The staff were also very satisfied. They could also mine. They had always known about the cryptocurrency before. Now this method is very good and worth recommending!

Jenny / I am the boss of the 4S store

The hotel needs heating all the time, always for hot water and bath, and public area heating, now the electricity bill is dug into bitcoin, I think it is very good.

Jacky / I am the hotel owner

The hot water used in the laundry is too large, the monthly electricity bill down a lot of money, now the money has been dug into bitcoin, it can be deducted, when bitcoin investment can also be, GONBOX is very good concept.

Linda / I am the laundry of the laundry

Why Choose Us

Gonbox An amazing box! Not only can you dig bitcoins at home, but you can also convert the heat of the mining machine to supply hot water, radiators, floor heating, bathing, swimming pool heating and other household needs, as well as a large amount of hot water storage, greenhouse planting, greenhouse breeding, aquaculture , Agricultural drying and other commercial purposes. The mined bitcoins can be deducted from electricity bills, and you can also make a fortune when the market is soaring! Gonbox allows you to become the master of the web3.0 era and easily enter the Metaverse!

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