1: Agent level

1.1 Franchisee: in countries or regions with a total population of more than 100 million, the annual order quantity of 1000 units and the annual order quantity of more than 300 oil cooling boxes can be granted as franchisees.

1.2 First-level agent: if the annual order quantity is 500 sets, and the order quantity is more than 100 oil cooling boxes, it can be awarded the first-level agent qualification.

1.3 Agent: the annual order quantity is 200 sets, each order quantity of 50 oil cooler, can be awarded the agent qualification.

2: Agent support

2.1 No warehouse.

2.2 Some areas provide installment payment value-added services.

2.3 Technical support for large engineering requirements (hotel heating, spa, large public area heating).

3: Analysis of target Market Prospect

3.1 The 2020 US Census data show that there are currently 126.8 million households in the United States.

3.2 AIRBNB has 6 million homes worldwide and 550,000 homes across the US.

3.3 3,800 laundry rooms in the United States.

3.4 In 2021 statistics, 660,936 restaurants.

3.5 132,228 hotels across the United States, up 8.3% per year.

Contact information

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GONBOX is a wholly-owned subsidiary of HIHUB GROUP INC. It invested in equipment production lines and warehouses in Malaysia at the end of 2022, and established companies and maintenance service stations in OKC, USA and Toronto, Canada. In January 2023, GONBOX received equity investment from New York Honeycomb Fund、Hash Capital, and will focus on the utilization of mining thermal energy and provide miners with more mining application products and services.