Global Logistics Price Reference Instructions

Logistics: •The estimated delivery time is for reference only, the actual delivery is affected by force majeure factors such as customs clearance or weather •Support ordering in most regions of the world, please consult customer service for transportation issues •If you have successfully placed an order and we are unable to deliver it to you, […]

GONBOX Product Warranty Terms

Equipment under a limited warrantyequipment registrationThank you for choosing the GONBOX product.To register your account to view purchase information, visit the following website: keep the invoice as purchase voucher.List of warranty products1.Stainless Steel Water Tank2.Water Air Conditioner Wall Mounted3.Vertical Water Air Conditioner4.Power transformer5.Hot Water Booster Pump6.Radiator7.Hydraulic Air Cooler8.Air Conditioner Radiator9.Water PumpsThe above products, except Stainless […]