Your peace of mind about the security solution you choose is very important to us. To ensure we always provide the best possible security solutions, our equipment is rigorously tested and assessed by a range of third-party certification bodies to ensure compliance with the highest levels of reliability and security.

Name Number Model Time Type
Circulation pump – oil pump CE-760-01-110122 LPS50-8S 2022.01.11 CE
Circulation pump – water pump CE-760-01-110122 LPS50-8S 2022.01.11 CE
Brazed plate heat exchanger 900490000716 B3-014 2007.06.10 CE
air-cooled cooler IT1045MZ25011814 AH1417T-150L 2018.01.25 CE
Temperature table CANEC2124984801 AI-208L 2022.02.15 ROHS
PT100 temperature probe ISETC.002320201204 JMY 2020.04.12 CE
air switch E218757 NB1-63/4P 2021.04.18 UL&CE
air switch E218757 NB1-25/2P 2021.04.18 UL&CE
AC contactor E218757 NC1-6511 2021.04.18 UL&CE
PDU LCS201119367AS PDU-1616B-GE 2020.10.02 CE
American standard modular socket LST220598011L PT-315 2022.05.17 CE
cable 4Z220509.DGSUN76 4AWG、8AWG 2022.05.09 UL&CE

CE certification

CE certification is limited to the basic safety requirements that the product does not endanger the safety of humans, animals and goods, rather than general quality requirements. The Harmonized Directive only stipulates the main requirements. The CE mark is a safety conformity mark rather than a quality conformity mark. These are the “principal requirements” that form the core of the European Directives.

UL certification

UL certification was founded by UL Co., Ltd., a global testing and certification organization and a standard development organization. Since its establishment in 1894, UL has issued nearly 1,800 safety, quality and sustainability standards, of which more than 70% have become American national standards, and UL It is also the development agency of Canadian national standards, and UL has become one of the world-renowned testing and certification agencies.