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1. Mining is the cheapest way to get Bitcoin

2. Participation can be through hosting or self-mining. The hosting is in a third-party place, and self-mining is very intuitive

3. If it is for hobbies or personal investment, that is to say, optimistic about the future of Bitcoin, and is not very sensitive to electricity expenses, then we recommend using the on-site home kit for mining

4. If it is for business or institutional investment, then under the premise of optimistic about the future of Bitcoin, we must consider the scale, the huge amount of electricity, the return of the project, etc., then we recommend our modular commercial kit for mining.

1. Decentralization is the essence of the Bitcoin system designed by Satoshi Nakamoto.

2. At present, the cluster-type ultra-large-scale mining farms hide possible security risks on the one hand, and on the other hand, they also curb the opportunities for small and medium-sized power owners to participate in mining.

3. The decentralized mining system designed by Gonbox makes home mining, commercial mining, and industrial mining all become distributed nodes.

Overclocking is to increase the working frequency of the mining chip to obtain higher hashrate.

The resulting more heat cannot be handled by the air cooling mode, so we use liquid immersion cooling to solve the problem. That is to put the mining machine completely immersed into liquid coolant to take away all the heat.

You can use the USB water pump to pump out the oil. Please click the link to view the specific operation steps:

If you’re struggling with home heating and interested in cryptocurrency mining, take a look at GONBOX liquid-cooled mining tanks, which can be bitcoin for everyone while saving energy:

Winter heating artifact, 5000-inch house, three-story building, only one mining machine mining, enough heat, single clothes are enough at home, come and see:

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